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What People are saying

  • I have invested in multiple multifamily properties with Mark and Tami. They have exceeded my expectations. I look forward to further growing my investment portfolio with them.
    – Zac, Dallas TX

  • Mark is always ready to answer any question and help with whatever is needed. Mark and Tami’s character and availability allowed me to quickly develop trust and a good working rapport.
    – Kendra, Dallas, TX

  • It was a pleasure working with Mark. He was upfront about everything and very level headed in handling any issues that arose during the due diligence period. His professionalism and experience made this one of the easiest transactions I have been a part of. We look forward to working with him again.
    – Broker, Dallas, TX

  • Mark & Tami have been really helpful to us when it comes to the process of acquiring multifamily properties. They were accessible when we had questions. And they were willing to share information. They have good energy, are genuine, and will be honest with you.
    – Rob, Dallas, TX

  • It was an EXCELLENT event. You guys did an awesome job of getting it all together. The venue was great, food was great and more importantly the slides/content/speaker line up was just perfect. Very professionally done.

    Your kids on stage made it even more special. They are adorable.

    The event was excellent. The variety of speakers and content was well put together.
    – Daniel

  • Excellent, professional seminar. Very impressed (and I already had high expectations)
    – Kendra B

  • Great presentation, playful and excellent! Love it! Excellent job on inviting experts to speak on their subject. Awesome set up on sessions (speaking & panel, etc.)
    – Sam

  • I love the presentation slides; it’s very unique…not just the boring PowerPoint presentation.
    – Chi

  • Great Job! It was amazing! Loved the entire event!
    – Brenda V

  • Thanks for hosting a great event! I really liked the expert presentations and felt that it added a lot of value.
    – Brain L

  • I thought the whole event was “very well” organized. Your power point presentation was stunning and beautifully crafted, one of the best looking in color, layout and transitions I have ever seen.
    – Suhendri

  • Great speakers. Very clear and helpful to anyone looking to invest in Multifamily.

    – Matt

  • Great content & hands on training!

  • I like the “authentic” feeling of the group. The Experts were excellent and brought a lot of value to the event.
    – Eric

  • Extremely professional in appearance, presentation, and content.
    – James

  • Simply enjoy a great training. Well worth the financial and time investment. Very professional! You guys did a fantastic job!
    – Kendra

  • Great course. Thanks. Excellent content/price value.
    – Kerry

  • Engaging speakers. The workshop provided practical deal analysis and rules of thumb I have not found in RE books.
    – Robert

  • Mark is generous with his time and knowledge. He is passionate about Real Estate and teaching. The workshop was a step in the right direction toward my goal of apartment investing. Thank you!
    – Robert

  • This would have taken me hours to research on my own. The workshop far exceeded my expectations, and I feel more empowered with knowledge.
    – Jamye

  • Very informative! Covered a wide array of topics. Room setup was comfortable and supported an active learning experience. I feel that I have a much clearer understanding of what is involved with multifamily property investing and how it is different from other real estate investing. The clarity around buying a business with real estate as its platform was the pivot point for me. Excellent!

    – Kathi

  • This is a very well planned event. Very helpful. Will strongly recommend this event to other passive investors!
    – Yann

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for setting this 2-Day training up for everyone and having the professional speakers come was very helpful.
    – Nathan

  • This was a very informative weekend. The knowledge gained was worth the trip. Speakers were a bonus.
    – Matt

  • Fantastic Weekend Seminar! Really glad I joined. Wealth of great information from a large array of experts.
    – Laris

  • It was great. Much more informative than others I have been to.
    – Brandon

  • Great program! Good job on everything!
    – Wade

  • Awesome presentation! Thank you for answering all my questions. The speakers and contents are very informative!
    – Immanuel

  • Great Weekend. Great Speakers. Love that it is hands on. I liked to see a lot of engagement and interaction. Overall, AMAZING! I will recommend and come back!

    – Kim

  • Very informative and well presented.
    – Rob

  • This is an awesome event. Every time I think I know what to do, I always learn something new from the events. I love the fact that you bring lots of people in the industry to get their point of view in this business. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!
    – Chi

  • Hands down the best support ecosystem in the multifamily industry.
    – Danny F

  • Learning from Mark & Tamiel has been a game changer. Our investing career is on a new trajectory.
    – Josh H

  • Thinking of becoming financially free or securing your retirement then “Think Multifamily.”
    – John W

  • An amazing group of people who are genuine and honest and willing to share their experiences to help others to fulfill their purpose and leave a legacy.
    – Cassie B

  • You present information in a friendly way that makes me feel like family.
    – BJ

“We are dedicated to always be honest, transparent and serve others with integrity.”

Mark Kenney, Co-Founder


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