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Think Multifamily is a Multifamily Investment company who provides opportunities to invest in B & C class apartment buildings in Cash Flowing markets. Because Think Multifamily wants every investor to be able to make educated decisions when choosing their investments, we also educate investors on the mistakes to avoid and steps to take to be successful and reduce risk.

We do this by holding Conferences throughout the year as well as offer a Coaching Program for those who wish to receive one on one guidance and accelerate their learning curve.

Whether you’re a passive investor looking for passive income, or you’re an aspiring syndicator and ready to learn how to go big, fast, Think Multifamily is the industry’s leading acquisition and education company.



Passive Investment
& Partner Opportunities


One-on-One Expert Guidance
for Syndication Success


LIVE Events
& Multifamily Training

Built on a strong foundation of 25+ years of real estate investing experience and a portfolio of 10,000+ apartment units, its founders, Mark & Tamiel Kenney, are seasoned experts who truly care about the success of every client.

Our Education Strategy & Philosophy

Think Multifamily - Apartment Syndication Coaching Program

Individualized Coaching

Think Multifamily provides one-on-one coaching and individualized attention so you can begin your Multifamily Investing journey strong and Go Bigger, Faster.

Proprietary Tools

From deal analyzers to property managers, Think Multifamily has the tools you need to start and go full-steam ahead in your Multifamily Investing career.

FIRE Summit - Think Multifamily Audience

Group Training & LIVE Events

There's no better way to learn what the experts know than in-person education and networking. Think Multifamily events are where Apartment Investors are MADE.

Joint Venture Opportunities

Whether you are looking for passive investing options or want to become a Syndicator on large apartment deals, Think Multifamily is there every step of the way.

Cruise to Freedom

Think Multifamily hosts their annual Cruise to Freedom for investors and their families where working on your investing career does not feel like work.

The Family Syndication Group

The Family Syndication Group is a team of Multifamily Investors that works like a true FAMILY. Members get access to an abundance of resources and support.

Our Investing Strategy & Philosophy

Our proven relationships with best-in-class brokers, escrow and title officers, property inspectors, lenders, real estate attorneys, 3rd party management, and general contractors enable us to reduce risk and create exceptional results (double-digit returns) for our investors.

You can always expect us to lead with transparency, accountability, and excellence. 

Think Multifamily acquires, owns and operates apartments in favorable markets to provide steady returns with reduced risk to our investors.

We focus on strategically maximizing Net Operating Income (NOI) to increase the property value and returns for our investors, while creating a quality lifestyle for our residents at each community.

Meet The Founders

Mark and Tamiel Kenney are seasoned real estate investors and the founders of Think Multifamily, a leading Multifamily Acquisition & Education company that prides itself on a family-oriented approach to business.

Mark & Tamiel started their real estate career over 25 years ago and have a passion for helping others succeed in the multifamily arena. They have built a dynamic organization that provides both educational resources and investing opportunities to meet every investor’s needs at each stage of their investing journey.

Mark and Tamiel have invested in 10,000+ apartment units, providing clients with the opportunity to invest with confidence through syndication at a reduced risk, and steady returns.

The duo at the heart of Think Multifamily stand firmly behind a business model promoting integrity, authenticity, family values, and servant leadership.

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