Our Mission

Think Multifamily is a leading Multifamily Acquisition and Education Company who prides itself in a holistic and family-oriented approach to business. Our goal is to help others wisely invest to achieve financial freedom and to build a community of learners and givers that not only want to do business together, but also want to do life together!

 The core of who we are and what we teach is firmly planted in Servant Leadership leading with Humility, Authenticity, Transparency & Integrity


To the investor seeking knowledge, Think Multifamily educates them.


To the investor seeking opportunities, Think Multifamily provides them.


To the investor seeking a secure investment strategy, Think Multifamily empowers them.

Investment Strategy & Philosophy

Think Multifamily acquires, owns and operates apartments in areas with strong job creation in order to provide otherwise unobtainable real estate investments with reduced risk to our clients. Our business model takes advantage of the opportunities to increase the NOI by bringing new capital to eliminate deferred maintenance and bring creative, modernized touches to the property; providing better management and collections; negotiating better vendor contracts; and ultimately, improving the overall environment of the living area for our tenants so we can increase the NOI.Our proven relationships with best-in-class brokers, escrow and title officers, property inspectors, lenders, real estate attorneys, third party management, and general contractors enable us to reduce risk and create exceptional results for our investors.We focus on maximizing Net Operating Income (NOI) while creating a quality lifestyle for our residents at each community.

Want to work with us?

We provide networking events where like minded individuals can come together and get to know each other better while sharing their interests/passion related to multifamily.


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Tami Kenney

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Think Multifamily believes in giving back. We support several charities that have a focus on helping the less fortunate.