Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 57 – Mark Kenney


If you are curious about what it takes to get into investing in multifamily buildings, understand the risks of moving from expert to content provider, and getting tips on how to make the move yourself check out my episode on the Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast with @PeterWinick https://thoughtleadershipleverage.com/leveraging-thought-leadership-peter-winick-episode-57-mark-kenney/

The Profit Over Wages Podcast


On this episode we go in-depth on what a syndicator is and what they do, the team that it takes to get a multi-family deal done and I give you insight on how myself and Mark accumulated over 3,500 units. We also talk about how and why we decided to start coaching new investors, the do’s and don’ts of marketing for private investors on social media and I give you a sneak peek into my upcoming book about apartment investing from the passive investor’s point of view. Click the link to listen to the podcast interview.

Big Breakthrough Podcast


My Big Breakthrough was the realization that I couldn’t work full time while managing a bunch of small properties – I needed to syndicate and do bigger deals in order to devote all of my time to real estate. Most people want more for themselves and their families, but are they willing to sacrifice the time to make those dreams reality? Everyone says they want to do something, but they know the steps to take – will they do it? Don’t discount the experience of working on smaller properties – it teaches you the basic concepts and basic steps, but you don’t need to start small to do larger multifamily deals. Also, don’t keep working on the small properties if you want to work with larger ones. After getting the experience of 1 or 2, you won’t gain any more at properties 3, 4 , or 10 Click the link … Read More

Jake & Gino Podcast


I was just featured on Jake & Gino’s Podcast.   We talked about some of the quickest growing markets, taking advice from the wrong people, my work ethic, patience, how to raise capital, pivoting to a new market, structuring syndication deals, and renovation choices. Click the link to listen to the podcast interview.

Get Started with Multifamily Real Estate Investing

What Should I Do As I Get Started with Multifamily Real Estate Investment – How do I start investing in multifamily real estate? If this question sounds familiar, it is because it is a widely used question. Most people who want to invest their money in real estate believe multifamily real estate is an opportune way to make the most of their investment. But the problem they face is answering the question, how do you get started in multifamily real estate investment. This article gives you a few tips for first timers to follow and get started in multifamily real estate investing. Learn about the field before Investing There are always certain take homes in each and every industry that people entering the industry should know about. Going in blind in any field isn’t the smartest thing to do, let alone in the field of real estate investing where you … Read More

Factors to Consider When Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

What are the Factors to Consider When Investing in Multifamily Real Estate  – Multifamily family real estate investment has grown in stature over the years. As of today, owning a multifamily real estate for investment purposes is the second largest share of institutional investment. This has cemented its place as one of the leading real estate investing classes that people can bank on. The rise in popularity and profitability of multifamily investment has meant that more and more people are interested in trying their hand at it. But not everyone can stand up, find a multifamily home, buy it and hope to make a profit off it in the near future. To be able to do that, a person needs to know what factors to consider when they are looking to invest. This article lists certain factors to consider when investing in multifamily real estate. Class of the Asset Different … Read More

What are the Benefits of Going for Multifamily Real Estate Investing?

What are the Benefits of Going for Multifamily Real Estate Investing? – When you have money to invest, most people look towards real estate as the safest investment bet. This is largely due to a number of different factors. The simplest fact about real estate investment is that it is real; it isn’t a perishable item or something that can lose value with time. In real estate investment, the dilemma is always between single family real estate investment and multifamily real estate investment. Most people who are inclined towards the later are looking for answers regarding the benefits that one has over the other. Here is an answer to the much talked about question, what are the benefits of investing in multifamily real estate. Chance to Avail Better Economies of Sales Multifamily real estate means investing in smaller homes, such as apartments, flats and multiple housing units instead of a … Read More

Understanding Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Understanding Multifamily Real Estate Investing – Most people who are coming at the end of their professional career or have money to invest for later returns, can look to real estate as a safe investment best. Unfortunately, real estate investing is typically restricted to sole ownership real estate. Few people are aware of the opportunities that lie in multifamily real estate investing. Before talking about multifamily real estate investing, here is a look at what multifamily real estate is all about. What is Multi Family Real Estate? A multifamily residential unit is a housing where there are multiple owners owning separate unit in a single unit. The larger unit can either be a single building, with a number of flats, or even multiple buildings with a number of different flats. A common form of a multifamily real estate is an apartment building where different apartments have different owners. What are … Read More

Should I Invest in Multifamily Real Estate or Not

Should I Invest in Multifamily Real Estate or Not – When you have money saved up or are planning to make the most of your earnings by investing it wisely, real estate is the safest option that comes up. However, there are various types of real estate properties that you can invest in; and one of them is multifamily real estate. The question most people have is whether or not they should invest their hard earned money in multifamily real estate. The simple fact is that you should invest your money in any place where you are confident it will increase your investment amount. Here are some of the reasons that highlight why you should go for multifamily real estate investment. It Has a Number of Tax Breaks For the government, housing is something that is integral for the comfort of its people and essential for their life. Similarly, local … Read More

Secrets to Success as a Multi Family Investor

Secrets to Success as a Multi Family Investor – Using your money for a profitable venture is what everybody wants. Nobody wants their investment to perform badly or for them to get a rate of return on their investment which is lesser than the original amount invested. Unfortunately, being an investor is laced with risks and perils either side of a path to success. A safe way to invest money for a greater monetary return is investing your money in multifamily real estate. But how does one guarantee whether or not they will be a success in multifamily real estate investing. Here is a look at some secrets to being a successful multifamily investor. Dedication One cannot succeed at any task unless and until they fully believe in what they are doing. Investing in multifamily real estate is not just about identifying a property, buying it and renting out. It … Read More