10 Lessons Learned From Investing in Apartments

10 Lessons Learned From Investing in Apartments – I have learned many lessons over the years from investing in Multifamily Apartments. During our 2-Day Apartment Investing workshop last weekend in Dallas, I shared 10 Lessons I have learned about apartment investing. Each of these lessons have a story behind them. The lessons are not in any particular order. Also, we welcome you to sign up for our newsletter. 1.    Don’t lose a deal because of pride Well, pride is a killer! It is actually why Satan was cast out of Heaven. In some cases, it is ok if the other guy thinks he won. If the deal still works for you, then suck up your pride and make the deal. This does not mean you cave in. It does however mean…don’t make decisions based on “always having to beat the other guy.” I have seen people on multi-million dollar deals … Read More

How to choose the right Multifamily Real Estate to Invest In

How to choose the right Multifamily Real Estate to Invest In – Most people who have cash want to make sure they spend it in the right place. If they want to spend their money on real estate, they need to choose between multifamily real estate and single family real estate. Most people can go for the former since it is a better way to diversify the risk posed by an investment over multiple housing units. It’s all said and done in theory, but in reality, buying the right multifamily property is a tough ask. The recurring question most people who are looking to invest in multifamily real estate ask is how to choose the right property. This article answers the question by outlining the factors that should be considered. Consider the Location The simplest and most obvious thing one needs to consider when they are looking to choose the … Read More

How Multifamily Real Estate Investment Is Becoming the New Orange?

How Multifamily Real Estate Investment Is Becoming the New Orange? First time investors can often be blinded by the allure of investing in high profile complexes, luxury villas, and beach side properties hoping that it might increase the rate of return on their investment. Unfortunately, multifamily real estate, which is a promising investment opportunity for most investors often flies under the radar. Investments in multifamily real estate are able to offer long term returns on a consistent basis. A Growing Base A research that was recently conducted by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries shows that the average returns being generated from multifamily housing units have surpassed those generated by office building investments, over the last five years. This rise in investor allure of multifamily real estate investing is down to a number of different factors. One of the factors for this increase in demand is simple, there … Read More

4 Innovative Ways to Maximize Your Multi Family Real Estate Investment

Maximize Multi Family Real Estate Investment- Buying homes, renting them out, selling homes and trying to make the most of them is called multifamily real estate investment. Investment is all about taking calculated risks. Having said that, investment is also about taking advantage when you could and making the most of the situation to ensure you end up getting the best return on your investment. Multifamily real estate investors are always on the lookout for ways to make the most of their real estate investment. This article outlines 4 innovative ways to maximize your multifamily real estate investments. Study the demographics of the Area Where You are Buying the Property The demographics of an area will tell you what the spending habits of people in the area really are like, what kind of people live in the area and what is the economic background of people who visit the area … Read More

Is Multi Family Real Estate Investing Better than Single Family Property Investment?

Is Multi Family Real Estate Investing Better than Single Family Property Investment? – For investors who are looking to invest the money they have saved up in a real estate property, the question of whether to invest their money into Single family or multi family home continues to be one of the most asked and least answered questions. Most people have their own favorites; some may prefer one form over the other while others might vouch for the other form. To make an informed decision between the two, this article outlines what each investment is about and the advantages that each of one of them offers. Single Family Real Estate Investment A single family home is basically an everyday run of the mill investment opportunity where by the investor invests their money into a single residential unit which has no shared walls and has the ability to house a single … Read More