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Learn How To Find Properties, Raise Capital, Negotiate Contracts, And Close Deals.

We’re not just telling you we have the winning formula. We’re giving you the EXACT blueprints used to acquire XXXX properties and XXXX units, in the most promising locations, which allowed us to retire after 3 years of our very first deal.
This Apartment Investing Jump Start Series breaks down every aspect of multifamily real estate into 14 easy-to-follow steps. You will accelerate your success with a solid foundation of knowledge and avoid the costly mistakes that plague less experienced investors. Mark and Tamiel Kenney pack 25 years of experience into the Jump Start video series. If you have questions, Think Multifamily has the answers!

Comprehensive Video Series Highlights
Every Step Of Multifamily Syndication

Master the Essential Skills

Learn the Tips and Tricks Most Successful Apartment Investors Don’t Want to Give Away…

Follow Best Practices

The essential guide to apartment investing, this system is tried and true. Follow Mark and Tamiel Kenney as they explain the steps that made them industry leaders and trusted advisors. With no stone unturned, you’ll learn the best practices and in what order to follow them to reach your goals in multifamily real estate.

Identify Pitfalls to Avoid

Enter multifamily investing with confidence and up your game by skipping the obstacles that can stall you before you start. Avoid common, career-crushing pitfalls you may not even know to look for.

What Are You Waiting For?

Establish yourself as a multifamily entrepreneur and gain experience by focusing on the strategies that produce results.

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