Kristen and Danny Adams

Kristin and Danny Adams are public speakers, viral sensations, content creators, emcees and live event hosts who are passionate about faith, family and funny stuff.

Both worked as entertainers in Los Angeles for 15 years, Kristin as a television host and correspondent, and Danny as an actor, comedian and stunt man for sports commercials. Kristin hit the big screen interviewing A-List celebrities like Billy Bob Thorton, Matthew LeBlanc and Betty White as well as making cameo’s on shows like Sesame Street and American Idol.

Now the duo, under their tagline “Laughter is the Best Medacine” have joined forces bringing joy to the public in the form of corporate events, video blogs and viral videos. In February of 2016 they created and posted a lip sync video which was viewed over 300 million times expanding their community of followers and making them instant industry influencers.

Kristin and Danny are bringing their interactive, fun and flavorful style to The FIRE Summit as our 2019 FIRE emcees.

Kristen and Danny Adams