Partnership Opportunities

Co-sponsorship Opportunities

Although we believe in the synergy of teamwork in any endeavor, we are very selective with whom we co-sponsor. Aligning our investment strategies with a primary focus on service to others is imperative for any joint venture. As a co-sponsor, we can provide value in all areas of multifamily acquisition and management including, deal analysis and negotiation, net worth requirements, liquid funds for earnest money and post-closing liquidity, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac experience, local market knowledge, investor capital and strong relationships with vendors, brokers, attorneys, and 3rd party management. If you or your firm are interested in co-sponsoring a specific deal or would like to explore future opportunities working together, please Contact Us.

Investment Opportunities

Because of SEC guidelines for a syndication, we are prohibited from publicly advertising current offerings. Also, the types of multifamily investment opportunities we provide may not be available to all clients. ¬†You must either be an “accredited investor” or a “sophisticated investor” to qualify for participation in these offerings.

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