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Smart Apartment Analyzer - Think Multifamily

This custom-designed tool is for investors & syndicators who are serious about accurately and proficiently underwriting multi-million-dollar deals.

Get Access to the Think Multifamily Analyzer that will:

  • Save You Time
  • Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Simplify Your Investing


Are you interested in investing in apartments but worried that you might make the wrong decision because you don’t have sophisticated tools to properly analyze the deal? 

Or are you a syndicator who’s buried in a pile of cumbersome spreadsheets and looking for a better way to streamline your underwriting? 

This proprietary tool was custom-designed to solve all of your underwriting challenges and simplify your investing!

16 Unique Tabs

Intentionally Designed with Built-In Custom Formulas


The Think Multifamily Analyzer is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use tool, backed by custom formulas.

Custom Designed

Built and stress-tested by Mark Kenney, seasoned syndicator and multifamily investor who has purchased over 5,000 units

Solves for Pricing

Produces the price that you should pay for the property based on the returns you’re seeking

LOI Checklist

Provides the exact steps to take before you submit an LOI, streamlining your approach and ensuring you appear professional

Input Field Notes

Removes the risk of “guess work” by providing rules of thumb in note sections adjacent to the input fields.

Quick & Dirty Analyzer

Includes this additional tool that will save you time by quickly weeding through several deals in just a few minutes

Industry Standards

Gives you industry standards for each property by size and class, allowing you to quickly determine if your pro-forma is aligned as well as question the Property Manager’s budget.

Detailed Budget

Provides a side-by-side comparison for every expense line-item to identify where to increase or decrease your pro forma expenses. This view compares your pro forma against: Industry Standard, T12, T3 Annualized, Offering Memorandum, and up to 2 Property Management Company’s Budgets.

Manual Entry Option

Ability to change fields through a “manual entry” option without overriding formulas, keeping your spreadsheet clean and preventing costly mistakes

Phasing in Revenue

You have the ability to phase in revenue as well as RUBS, helping you more accurately and confidently project revenue returns

All Loan Scenarios

Provides the option to model various loan types (conventional, bridge, assumption, and supplemental)

Detailed Closing Costs

Helps ensure you are accounting for all of the expenses (i.e. rate cap, utility deposits, prepaids like property taxes and insurance, etc.)

Cap Rate Escalator

Instead of just one increase at the end, allows you to see which year would be the best year to optimize returns

Capital Raise Ranges:

Provides a clear picture of what is/is not included in the loan for rehab and soft costs so you are clear on the minimum raise needed to close the deal

Red Flags Tab

Provides 38 different checks based on both industry standards and Mark Kenney’s expertise to help you catch and prevent mistakes that could completely blow your deal.


Access to the
Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer Tool

Vet a deal in 2 Minutes! Don’t waste time completing a full analysis for deals that do not meet your criteria. Instead, the Quick & Dirty Analyzer will help you quickly & easily weed through deals and determine which ones require further analysis.

You get FREE access one-year subscription to the tool when you purchase the Smart Apartment Analyzer.

$497 Value

Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer for Multifamily Investors | Think Multifamily

Access to the
Smart Apartment Analyzer Course

In this nine-part video series, Mark Kenney walks you through each tab of the Smart Apartment Analyzer.  In addition to learning how to use this powerful tool, Mark shares his insights and expertise to save you time and money when evaluating multifamily deals.

$997 Value

Knowing the exact formulas to analyze deals and having the professional tools to execute is the key to your success in multifamily investing

For a limited time, we are offering the Smart Apartment Analyzer & Bonuses for just $349.  The price will soon increase to $697, so get access today!

The Think Multifamily Analyzer will improve the way you analyze deals, save you time, and save you money as you learn to make better investing choices!

Think Multifamily - Mark and Tamiel Kenney
Smart Apartment Analyzer - Think Multifamily

Smart Apartment Analyzer



Only $349 for Lifetime Access (save 50% + Bonuses!)

Smart Apartment Analyzer - Think Multifamily

Smart Apartment Analyzer & 1hr Private Coaching with Mark Kenney



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"Being able to analyze multifamily properties is a critical skill. Investors want to know that their money is being placed with someone who understands complex underwriting. The Think Multifamily Analyzer is the best I have ever seen and builds on years of experience. Each part is designed to save you from making errors that could sink your deal. My confidence has skyrocketed from learning to use this tool well!"
Lucas Miller
This Analyzer is outstanding. As somebody who has done a fair bit of financial modeling, I can say that this tool is institutional quality. I have not seen any multifamily spreadsheet models that are more robust than this one and it is a critical tool in our acquisitions process.
Multifamily Apartment Investing Deal Analysis Workshop Review
Chihiro K.
"I seriously CANNOT imagine trying to analyze a deal without the Smart Apartment Analyzer! This tool has been the answer to all of our previous challenges when trying to underwrite a property. It was such a headache trying to manage multiple spreadsheets, recreate missing formulas, and we were always worried about making a mistake that was difficult to track. THANK YOU Mark for making our life so much easier! We not only have so much more time, but much more confidence when analyzing properties for our investors!"
Kelley Hubbard
“I’ve used 3 multifamily deal analyzers at this point. I’ve used Michael Blank’s, Brad Sumrok’s and Mark Kenney’s and Mark Kenney’s the BEST, Plain and Simple. It’s the most thorough and professional and it prompts you to cover all the little things that the others don’t. I know that b/c I recently underwrote a deal on a properly all the way through using another analyzer and then I opened up Mark’s spreadsheet and realized there were a bunch of other things that needed to be analyzed. It’s more detailed and with all the options and dropdowns, it saves you from having to create multiple versions of the same spreadsheet. It’s faster and cleaner and you end up with all of your info in one place.”
Danny Fry
“TMF’s analyzer is comprehensive, yet easy to use! When deals land in my pipeline, I use it to accurately underwrite one (or multiple) deals very quickly. And, if I decide to move forward, it gives me the ability to analyze the financials, budgets, lending terms, etc. at an extensive level. I wouldn’t be successful without it. Period.”
Elijah Vo
"I really like the detailed deal analyzer. It's the most comprehensive one I've seen. It goes into ridiculous detail and there are rules of thumb at every step"
Greg N.