10 Lessons Learned From Investing in Apartments

10 Lessons Learned From Investing in Apartments – I have learned many lessons over the years from investing in Multifamily Apartments. During our 2-Day Apartment Investing workshop last weekend in Dallas, I shared 10 Lessons I have learned about apartment investing. Each of these lessons have a story behind them. The lessons are not in any particular order. Also, we welcome you to sign up for our newsletter. 1.    Don’t lose a deal because of pride Well, pride is a killer! It is actually why Satan was cast out of Heaven. In some cases, it is ok if the other guy thinks he won. If the deal still works for you, then suck up your pride and make the deal. This does not mean you cave in. It does however mean…don’t make decisions based on “always having to beat the other guy.” I have seen people on multi-million dollar deals … Read More