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After buying 2600+ Apartment Units in 3 years, Here's the #1 Thing I learned About Turning Dreams Into Reality

Mark Kenney Here

Before we talk about this checklist…

You know:

  •  We’ve bought 2600+ Units in Less Than 3 Years
  •  We Control $100+ Million Dollars in Apartments
  •  We Currently Passively Invest an Additional $30+ Million Dollars in Apartments

In all this time, I’ve learned ONE BIG thing that has changed my life.
It’s a small goal I had every year when I started out. (it’s simple, but it’s incredibly powerful).

Ready? Here it is:

I Attended Just 3 Live Events a YEAR!

But, not just any events, I attended very strategic events,
let me tell you more…

There are certain events that can change someones life immediately. They’re the kind that leave a long-lasting mark. They are where you make your best relationships and partnerships that lead to your first deals! They’re the kind that you can immediately take action based upon!

When I first started pursuing larger apartments, I went searching for this one event… Problem was, one event didn’t offer everything I needed.

They either lacked content, or were just a sales pitch, or just talked about how great everything is and acted like there were no problems, or were
not authentic (I’ll tell you more on the next page).

I realized the relationships from various events together with the knowledge I was gaining was completely changing my life – forever. But, they were still
lacking… so, I decided to create that magic all in one place.

I want to show you the event that will change your life…