The Profit Over Wages Podcast

Published August 14, 2018
by Tamiel Kenney
On this episode we go in-depth on what a syndicator is and what they do, the team that it takes to get a multi-family deal done and I give you insight on how myself and Mark accumulated over 3,500 units. We also talk about how and why we decided to start coaching new investors, the do’s and don’ts of marketing for private investors on social media and I give you a sneak peek into my upcoming book about apartment investing from the passive investor’s point of view.

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About the Author

Tamiel Kenney
Tamiel Kenney, a seasoned real estate investor, entrepreneur, and the visionary behind Think Multifamily, has been an active player in the industry for more than two decades. Alongside her husband Mark, she embarked on her journey in the realm of real estate by acquiring small multifamily properties. Today, Tamiel boasts an impressive portfolio of over 16,000 apartment units, all purchased through syndication. Furthermore, her dedication to giving back to society is evident in her 20-year history of supporting various non-profit organizations.