TMF #088 – Multifamily Partnerships and Competing with the Big Dogs

Think Multifamily Podcast - Ryan Webster & Warren Dresner
Published September 15, 2021
by Mark Kenney

Welcome back investors! Have you ever considered the competition between Multifamily Investors, like yourself, and large investing institutions? What gives an individual or small partnership the advantage over established corporations with bottomless resources and capital? Well, stay tuned, because today, Multifamily partners, Ryan Webster and Warren Dresner, reveal their secrets for going up against, “The Man,” and WINNING. Dive into their partnership and investing strategy with us to learn how this pair finds, bids on and acquires high value, discounted assets with quality tenant profiles. Interested in solutions for cashflow in a competitive class? Then, buckle in and pay attention.



Ryan Webster
Warren Dresner



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About the Author

Mark Kenney
Mark Kenney is a seasoned real estate investor, entrepreneur and founder of Think Multifamily. Mark started his real estate career over 25 years ago and has extensive experience in property valuation, acquisition, and operations. He has a passion for helping others succeed in the multifamily arena.