TMF #142 – Multifamily Money Matters: Navigating Loans, Rates, and The Future of Financing

Published April 7, 2023
by Mark Kenney

Welcome back Investors! If you’re struggling to fund loans, lock in the best rates, or are just generally not happy with your current lending strategy, this is the show for you! Commercial Mortgage Broker, Brandi Shotwell, joins us today to help you understand why you need a broker, how to best work with them, and what she is seeing today as well as predicting for the future of Multifamily financing.

Founder of Reno Capital Management and with over 20 years of experience in finance and real estate, Brandi has had leadership involvement in over $1.3 billion in real estate projects ranging from commercial acquisitions to commercial development.

It’s true, we’re witnessing interest rate increases, but Brandi is here to guide you through the lending process with her expertise and insider advice. We’re taking you from offering to closing in this jam packed episode on multifamily lending with mortgage brokers.



Brandi Shotwell

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About the Author

Mark Kenney
Mark Kenney is a seasoned real estate investor, entrepreneur and founder of Think Multifamily. Mark started his real estate career over 25 years ago and has extensive experience in property valuation, acquisition, and operations. He has a passion for helping others succeed in the multifamily arena.