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Think Multifamily Virtual Series

An Exclusive 4-Week Webinar Series
To Help You Retire Early & Invest With Confidence in Trying Times

1st Session on Thursday, March 19th!

Attend 8+ Webinars

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An Exclusive Think Multifamily Webinar Series
Enjoy From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office

Many people are feeling anxious about their finances and retirement accounts as the world is mostly frozen in place due to the Coronavirus. Travel is being suspended and many people are being forced to work from home.

We are making something possible that we’ve never done before!
Think Multifamily has custom-designed an 8-part webinar series for both passive investors and aspiring syndicators so you can continue your investing journey from the comfort of your own home!

  • Get access to live sessions with Mark Kenney, and specialized industry experts like Richard Wilson, Dugan Kelley, Brandi Shotwell, and more!
  • 8 Online Sessions scheduled over 4 weeks / 10+ Hours of Specialized Multifamily Content
  • Includes Recordings & 2 Bonus Sessions
  • For Passive Investors: Learn how to build and protect your wealth, and discover how to take advantage of major tax benefits.
  • For Active Investors: Learn the ins and outs of being a lead sponsor, what it takes to retire in less than 5 years, and much more!
  • Learn from the pros, all from the comfort of your own home!

Use this time to create your investing plan and make better investing decisions for your family's future.

1. Register for the Webinar Series

2. Learn from Expert Speakers

3. Gain Clarity and Confidence


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Important Details:
Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:00pm CST
Launches Thursday, March 19th – April 16th



Passive | Active

Coronavirus Impact on Traditional Investing & How to Mitigate Your Risk through Multifamily with Mark Kenney, CEO of Think Multifamily & Panel of Financial Market Experts

Understand Syndication Roles & ROI as a General Partner + Multifamily Financing with Mark Kenney, CEO of Think Multifamily and Brandi Shotwell, Reno Capital

What to Know Before Investing in a Multifamily Syndication, Critical Questions to Ask with Mark Kenney, CEO of Think Multifamily

How Physical Due Diligence Has Changed Because of COVID-19 with Dax Ferguson, Heritage Construction and Patrick Duffy, Founder & CEO of Tactical Asset Management

Real Estate Investors : Lower Your Income Tax with Cost Segregation with Brian Bigham, Vice President at Madison Specs

Strategies & Structures to Raise Capital from Ultra-Wealthy Investors & Offices with Richard Wilson, The Family Office Club

Infinite Banking: Become Your Own Bank & Double-Dip on Returns with Trey Williford, Birchwood Capital

How to Get Involved in a General Partnership ASAP with Mark Kenney & Panel of Experienced Active Investors

BONUS – Investor Funding Sources - How to Invest through Retirement Accounts & 1031 Exchanges with Dugan Kelley, Expert SEC & Real Estate Attorney and Josh Plave, Founder of 'Wall to Main'

BONUS – How to Turn Strangers into Repeat Investors & Raving Fans with Keeley Hubbard, Expert Sales Coach & Communication Strategist




Access to 8 LIVE Sessions
Access to ALL Recordings
Plus 2 BONUS Sessions

Members-Only Access


Access to 8 LIVE Sessions
Access to ALL Recordings
Plus 2 BONUS Sessions

Plus May 2nd Member-Only Virtual Summit