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Do you want to syndicate your first multifamily property in less than 6 months?

We help working professionals quit their job in 3 years through Family Syndication, so they can spend more time with family.

What is Family Syndication?
People coming together to do deals and helping each other, based on the skills or value they bring, to make the process easier to go bigger, faster; even if they don’t have a track record or experience; all while having fun as a family!

"Your coaching and guidance has definitely compressed my timeline by months, if not years!!!"
- Eli Vo

"Working alongside Mark in the acquisition of apartment communities has significantly accelerated my growth as a multifamily investor."
- Patrick Duffy

"Mark has provided valuable advice and insight that allowed our firm to sidestep potential, costly mistakes."
- Ed Rogan

Examples of Deals done in our Family Syndication

Do you want to be part of a Multifamily deal in less than 6 months?

Do you want to syndicate a deal easily, by working together with a team to go Bigger, Faster?

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