Apartment Syndication
Coaching Program

If you want to play in the big leagues of real estate investing you
can accelerate your success through the family syndication group!

“There is NO WAY I’d be where I am today without Think Multifamily and the excellent platform they have developed for which I will forever be grateful.”

Get On Track To
Retire In 5 Years

If your goal is to escape the 9-5 grind so you can spend more time with family and doing the things you love most, let Think Multifamily show you what’s possible! We help working professionals get started in Apartment Investing and learn how to scale quickly so they can quit their jobs in 5 years.

Meet Patrick, who at 27 years old, walked away from his career in Corporate America after a few deals with Think Multifamily.

Patrick Duffy

The Ultimate Coaching Program

Individualized Coaching

Think Multifamily provides on-on-one coaching and individualized attention so you can begin your Multifamily Investing journey strong.

Group Training & LIVE Events

The best way to learn what the experts know is in-person education and networking. Here is where Apartment Investors are Made.

Proprietary Tools

From deal analyzers to property managers, TMF has the tools you need to start and thrive in your Multifamily Investing career.

In The Last 12 Months, Our Family Syndication Group Members Have Teamed Up Together To Purchase Over $250m / 4300+ Units In Apartments

Working Professionals

If you are a working professional who is tired of long hours, killer commutes and never getting ahead of your debt, then this is for you!

House Flipper

If you are a House Flipper who has had enough of difficult properties, unreliable contractors and disappointing returns…this is for you!


If you are a Landlord who is sick of their profits being eaten by managing tenants and unexpected repairs…then this is for you!

Aspiring Investor

If you’ve wanted to get into multifamily but thought you had to have hundreds of thousands in capital… you don’t…this is for you!

Passive Investor

If you are a Passive Investor who understands Active Investing is a quicker way to financial freedom and have a desire to make more money on their investment by being a Syndicator…then this event is definitely for you!

The Ultimate Coaching Program


One-On-One Coaching

$30,000 Value

Direct Access to Mark Kenney & His Top Syndicators, Priceless Advice Throughout the Acquisition & Operation Process


LIVE & Online Training

$20,400 Value

The program includes monthly group training calls, face-to-face FSG-only training events, access to a private Facebook group, and free tickets to all Think Multifamily events.


On-Demand Courses

$7,000 Value

Training Videos to Help You Learn How to Acquire, Own, & Operate Apartment Buildings Using Our Proven 14-Step Process

Not only will you gain access to our program, but we’re also throwing in our proprietary tools at no extra cost. These tools are worth a whopping $13,000 on their own! With our Property Tour Tool, Smart Apartment Analyzer Tool, and Accelerators & Contracts, you’ll have all the resources you need to make smart and informed investment decisions.

Membership Total Value: $110,400

Apply to our exclusive coaching program today and take the first step toward financial freedom