Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast – #404


Mark Kenney, seasoned real estate investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Think Multifamily, joins Matt Theriault for today’s Thought Leader Thursday! Learn the biggest mistake newbie multifamily investors make, what Mark wishes he knew when he was starting out, the indicators of a good multifamily deal, and much more! https://epicrealestate.com/mark-kenney-think-multifamily-404/

Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 57 – Mark Kenney


If you are curious about what it takes to get into investing in multifamily buildings, understand the risks of moving from expert to content provider, and getting tips on how to make the move yourself check out my episode on the Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast with @PeterWinick https://thoughtleadershipleverage.com/leveraging-thought-leadership-peter-winick-episode-57-mark-kenney/

The Profit Over Wages Podcast


On this episode we go in-depth on what a syndicator is and what they do, the team that it takes to get a multi-family deal done and I give you insight on how myself and Mark accumulated over 3,500 units. We also talk about how and why we decided to start coaching new investors, the do’s and don’ts of marketing for private investors on social media and I give you a sneak peek into my upcoming book about apartment investing from the passive investor’s point of view. Click the link to listen to the podcast interview.

Big Breakthrough Podcast


My Big Breakthrough was the realization that I couldn’t work full time while managing a bunch of small properties – I needed to syndicate and do bigger deals in order to devote all of my time to real estate. Most people want more for themselves and their families, but are they willing to sacrifice the time to make those dreams reality? Everyone says they want to do something, but they know the steps to take – will they do it? Don’t discount the experience of working on smaller properties – it teaches you the basic concepts and basic steps, but you don’t need to start small to do larger multifamily deals. Also, don’t keep working on the small properties if you want to work with larger ones. After getting the experience of 1 or 2, you won’t gain any more at properties 3, 4 , or 10 Click the link … Read More

Jake & Gino Podcast


I was just featured on Jake & Gino’s Podcast.   We talked about some of the quickest growing markets, taking advice from the wrong people, my work ethic, patience, how to raise capital, pivoting to a new market, structuring syndication deals, and renovation choices. Click the link to listen to the podcast interview.